Windows update deleted Solitaire? Here’s how to restore it

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One of the biggest problems comes when Windows updates delete the game of Solitaire and users fail to restore it! You do not have to worry now. We have put up this easy to follow guide and here you can know how to restore this game of Solitaire if the Windows update has removed it from your PC.

One of the simplest ways that you can follow is to access any software that is about PC repair tools. Upon using that software, you will be able to repair and solve these minor issues at your end. Lots of software options are available in the market that helps you on how to repair computer errors and protect your PC from file loss. Now, you can have a look at the simple guide on restoring your Solitaire game that got accidentally removed during Windows update processing:

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Methods to restore Solitaire

We know that Solitaire is one of the massively played games worldwide. In recent times, lots of people have complained that their game got removed and deleted during the Windows update process and now they have failed to restore their game. In addition, it is on the Microsoft community forums that users registered this respective issue. Lots of solutions have now been devised that will guide you on restoring Solitaire.

Making sure to run the Windows Store App Troubleshooter

The first method that you can follow for restoring a Solitaire game is to run the Windows store app troubleshooter.

1.      In this regard, you need to click on the start button and hit on the button of settings.

2.      The next step is to tap on the option of update and security. Select the option of troubleshooter that is located at the left pane.

3.      After that, you have to scroll down and look for the option that states find and fix other problems.

4.      Hit on the button of windows store apps and after that, run the troubleshooter.

5.      It is this Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter that is going to scan and also detect any of the further issues and problems.

6.      If any issue is found out by this app, it will be going to fix and resolve that issue automatically.

7.      After getting done with this processing, it is hoped and expected that you will be able to restore your Solitaire game.

Checking for Solitaire App Update

The next method that you can try out for restoring a Solitaire game is to check and look at the Solitaire app update section. The minute you see that your Windows update processing has removed this game from your PC; you can run this method right away.

1.      Your Solitaire app should be available in the updated version and it should be compatible with the latest version of Windows so that it can help and guide you correctly.

2.      On the other hand, if your Solitaire app is outdated and if it seems not compatible with the latest and advanced version of Windows 10, then you cannot proceed with this method.

3.      This Solitaire app will give you updated and valid information regarding why the game got removed from your PC.

4.      The user only has to open up the Windows Store app and look for the Microsoft Solitaire collection. After that, click on the Update button if you manage to spot it.

Getting back to the previous version of Windows 10

There is another method available for the users that will guide and educate them on restoring the game of Solitaire. This is done by getting back to the previous old version of Windows 10.

1.      The first step is to click on the button of Star and choose the option of settings.

2.      Access the section of update and security and click on the recovery tab.

3.      Reach to the section that states “Go back to the previous and old version of Windows 10” and hit on the “Get Started” button.

4.      Keep in mind that this option is only going to be available for ten days and not more than that once you have installed the latest version of Windows 10.

5.      You only have to follow the on-screen instructions and simply get back to the previous version of Windows 10.

6.      We hope that this method will work for you. If you still spot any of the further issues, then it is recommended to install the PC repair tool. Allow this tool to scan your PC and it will look for the Windows issues. Simply click on the button of Repair all and it is expected that your Solitaire game will get restored as well.


Thus, these are a few of the methods that will instantly and immediately restore your Solitaire game once it gets removed during the Windows update processing. If you follow some other method, do let us know. Right now, you can surely implement these solutions because they have worked for lots of users. Stay tuned and connected as more updates are about to be arriving sooner.

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