Minecraft Server Hosting – 3 Top Factors to Look For Before Choosing One

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Since its launch in 2009, Minecraft’s popularity among gamers has never failed to amaze. It is a timeless classic both to casual and professional gamers, and that is evident in the numbers. Well, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that the game still has over 17 million active players from around the world. Clearly, it has stood and passed the test of time even when the gaming industry has developed massively in recent years. 

In Minecraft, players can go both solo and multiplayer. To go multiplayer, one needs to know how to make a minecraft server

Buying a dedicated server is the best option if you want to play with other players. Hosting a dedicated server here is more like using a web host. All you need to do is pay monthly fees to the hosting provider to have improved security, performance, and the ability to use mods to further enhance the multiplayer experience.

However, randomly choosing servers from a service provider is not wise. There are some factors that need to be considered. They are as follows –

Check Version Compatibility

It is essential to check which version of the game you have. Minecraft has two major versions – Java and Bedrock. So, when searching for a hosting provider, check the compatibility first. Remember that the server cost might vary from one version to another. 

It is the Java version, which is the oldest one and also the most common one among PC gamers – Mac and Windows. The Bedrock version, on the other hand, also known as MCPE (Minecraft Pocket Edition), is for mobile gamers in Android and iOS. 

One needs to understand that Java and Bedrock edition servers cannot be intertwined. It means players of one of these versions cannot join a server of the other. So, those gamers looking for servers in both versions need to get them separately.

Seamless Upgradation Options

The vanilla version of Minecraft is the least demanding version. It will run on something as little as 1.5 GB of RAM for about 5 players. It is also the lowest recommended RAM option for a server. However, the RAM requirements might increase considerably if you are looking for plugins and mods installed nerdle plex cam or want to increase the player count.

Therefore, look for a server hosting company that offers seamless upgrades or other resources as needed to expand and enhance gameplay.

Guaranteed Uptime Performance

Guaranteed uptime is something crucial to ensure when choosing a server host. Having a 100% uptime guarantee is a must to ensure that someone in the company is always observing server weakspell operations. In any case of a failure or the need for maintenance, the hosting provider must be fast enough to work on it. It is also one of the decisive reasons why most gamers buy servers instead of making their own.

Moreover, a remote server has better chances of providing faster and more stable performance with little to no downtime or lags. The server must stay online and accessible at all times.

Final Words

Usually, Minecraft Realm, i.e., Mojang’s official server, is the chosen option by beginners. However, there aren’t many back-end controls like maps and mods. Therefore, if you are searching for how to make a minecraft server, the best shot for both casual and professional gamers will be finding a hosting company. Choose a server host carefully to ensure you have the best bandwidth and control over configurations.

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