Facial Recognition Attendance System | 7 Advantages at Workplace

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Facial recognition technology is a contactless solution that makes the premises efficient and safer. It is one of the few biometric solutions that has received much attention even in the workplace as they besides providing security are also used to mark employees’ attendance. 

The facial recognition software first captures the face of an individual and then compares it with the one present in the database to verify that the individual is who they claim to be or not. 

Face Verification Solution for Attendance Purposes

Besides the fact that the technology is self-managed, efficient, and highly scalable, there are many other benefits that it provides which are as under: 

  1. Automated Time Tracking

Facial recognition does not require any manpower to validate an individual. It simply identifies and verifies the employee through face recognition and monitors their entry and exit automatically. Thus, it provides an effortless solution to track when an employee enters the premises and when they exit. 

  1. Cost-Effective

A face identifier saves business resources by tracking employees’ time automatically. It can even be used on small devices which makes it affordable for start-ups and any medium-sized businesses. Whatever the business size is, this attendance system increases the productivity of employees, cuts administrative costs, and saves the supervisors time controlling employees’ attendance. As the technology provides valid data in real-time which helps the workplace or any business in high-cost savings. 

  1. Touchless Sign In

As we all know that the less physical interaction, the better Covid 19 can be managed. So this is one of the reasons why many businesses are shifting to facial verification technology. If we look at fingerprint scanning, it demands the fingerprint of an individual whereas facial recognition provides a contactless solution to verify an individual making it the need of the hour. By adopting a facial recognition system, workplaces and businesses can effectively reduce any physical contact between individuals and would automatically reduce the transmission of coronavirus. 

  1. Recognition with Accessories and Aging Changes

Indeed, machine learning facial recognition does not depend on all the facial features of an individual but it is highly robust and can verify the face of an individual on numerous data points. They can even screen individuals when they are covering their faces with masks and this is one of the things that makes these systems stand out from all other biometric verification systems in the market. The attendance systems that are used in modern-day use face recognition algorithms which are highly accurate in that they can validate the identity of an employee even when there are a few changes in their facial attributes such as beards, glasses, face masks, etc. 

  1. More Accurate

Frauds are common these days even in industries that are violating work ethics. Some employees are honest while not all of them. What some employees do actually, they team up with the security personnel and staff members, skip their work but get paid. These types of frauds are not destroying the companies but are also unfair for those who are working honestly. 

Face match online system just automates the whole company’s environment. It not only marks the attendance but also tracks when any employee enters the company and when they exit. This not only removes the burden of HR but also makes the premises secure by recognizing who left the premises and when they left it with great accuracy. 

  1. Easy to Manage

AI-powered facial recognition systems are highly automated when compared to manual attendance systems. They not only store the employees’ data but also update the record in real-time. From marking the attendance to preparing the timesheets of employees with high accuracy along documents verification, they are doing a great job in the businesses. They can manage the attendance of a large crowd without creating any fuss and that too in an organized manner. 

  1. Smart Integration

Another benefit of facial recognition systems is that they can be integrated with any other existing systems in the organization. As they are highly customizable, they can be used to customize date formats and the time-in and time-out to make them compatible with other systems running in the company. Furthermore, they make data organization quite easier. The other thing astonishing about facial recognition systems is that the time zone can be changed which makes them suitable for any business worldwide. 

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Final Thoughts

facial recognition technology is a modern utility that is complying better with the Covid-19 regulations. It tracks the attendance of employees while saving the costs of the organization. It just adds an additional layer of security in businesses and workplaces. The premises which are still using manual attendance systems must implement facial recognition systems to better manage the attendance of their employees. 

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