5 Places Where you Can Use Professional Push-to-Talk (PTT) App

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Since faster communications are essential to businesses, the global Push-To-Talk market is proliferating more than ever. The benefits that specific Push-To-Talk apps offer surpass the traditional ways how communications used to happen in businesses across the globe.

Successful businesses across the world are investing in professional Push-To-Talk or PTT apps or casually called as walkie-talkie apps to manage their workforce communications and overall collaboration. 

What is a Push-To-Talk App?

Push to Talk, PTT, or walkie-talkie is a mode of communication that utilizes a handheld device with a Push-To-Talk button to send and receive voice messages. Professional Push-to-Talk apps work in a similar fashion, but with the added advantage of without having to carry any additional Push-to-Talk devices. The Push-To-Talk or Walkie Talkie app can be easily installed in mobile devices, can be managed, monitored, and secured. These apps also have some additional features like live broadcasts, group messages, emergency alert notifications, VoIP and video calling, location tracking etc.

Benefits of a Professional PTT App

Let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits a professional Push-To-Talk or PTT app has to offer.

  • Less time consuming
  • Field-force friendly
  • Faster communications
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Compatible with almost all kinds of devices across diverse operating systems such as Android, iOS, etc.
  • Connects multiple workers at once
  • Avoid time-consuming emails and voice calls
  • Manage and execute quick alerts during emergency situations
  • Minimal training required/User friendly.

Now, let’s talk about the places where you can use Professional Push-To-Talk (PTT) App.

1. Healthcare: Use of professional PTT apps in healthcare.

There is no other industry than healthcare where faster communications are the only way to work. The significance of clear, real-time, and effective communication is critical to the healthcare sector. 

The Healthcare sector operates in large hospital buildings, medical centers, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. With numerous healthcare workers spread across the buildings, sections, and departments; greater is the possibility that communication is lost somewhere in-between waiting for the calls to get answered or emergency mobile phones that might get missed in real-time situations.

Field workers are the lifeline of healthcare. To make their lives convenient, the management should consider investing in an extensive communication app. Ambulance operators, pharmacists, nurses, caretakers, medical service providers, and other healthcare professionals can benefit a lot from Push-to-Talk applications. They can broadcast their messages to the group and get the whole group notified in real-time. In the healthcare field, the security staff and administrators who travel frequently between campuses and premises can stay connected at all times through efficient and smart PTT apps.

It adds an advanced layer of convenience, which is the need of the hour when it comes to the healthcare sector.

2. Supply-Chain Management, Shipping & Delivery

Push-to-Talk apps are crucial for the Supply Chain Management (SCM) Industry, as this industry is always on the GO!

PTT apps have the potential to ease operations across teams in the retail and supply chain industries. Within retail warehouses, Push-to-Talk apps can help the workforce stay updated about products’ availability, supply and demand, giving real-time updates about packaging, shipping, and delivery; transport-related information and issues, and problems related to all SCM operations. 

If the resource who is assigned to deliver the product notices any issue at the time of uploading the goods, say if the packaging is not proper or the address is incorrect in real-time; then through walkie-talkie apps or PTT apps, he can notify the supervisor so that immediate actions can be taken like stopping the product from leaving the warehouse or being loaded for delivery. PTT apps can assist with any issues related to product delivery.

3. Hospitality Industry 

As the hotel industry recuperates from the wreath of the covid pandemic, it has to make sure that its operations are in sync, communications are proper, and the system is running at all times!

The hotel industry requires smarter communications. 

Push-to-talk Apps or walkie-talkie apps are great ways to communicate and collaborate within the security team, front desk, maintenance crew, housekeeping, room service, etc. For example, while showing a guest their room, a crew member by mistake spills water kept on the center table of the well-decorated room. For a hotel, it’s obviously not a nice gesture to welcome their guests! The crew immediately pushes a button through the PTT app, sends an instant voice message to the housekeeping staff, and within a few seconds, the housekeeping staff member wipes off the floor. Problem sorted! 

There are many more such real-world instances where PTT can prove to be a savior to the hospitality industry.

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4. Event Planning Industry

The event management and planning industry is to benefit the most from the Walkie talkie app. Be it the music to be played while the award is conferred or the security gates to be closed as and when the seats are full. The team members have to push a button to convey, without waiting for the other side to receive the message and respond. PTT notifications help the other end to act in no time and help in making any event a success. As social distancing is the new norm, the Push-To-Talk industry takes this norm to new heights when it comes to planning, organizing, and managing a successful event. 

5. Food Delivery Businesses

Pandemic paved the way for the restaurant businesses to boost their sales through no-contact and low-contact food delivery services. 

The delivery partners through PTT apps could communicate hands-free with restaurant owners, and within the team, too. 

All the communication-related issues can be resolved in no time with PTT apps. Some of the PTT apps have privacy-focused location tracking features to locate and manage resources. In case of any delay, the restaurant can immediately alert the delivery partners who can communicate the same in real-time to their supervisors or the admins so that they can alert their customers and earn the due credits!! 

Closing lines…

Front line workers, field workers, or front desk workers are the face of your enterprise. PTT apps are a time and cost savior. They help keep your mobile workforce connected, enhance collaboration across teams for smoother operations.
Nuovoteam is one such productivity app that offers Push-to-Talk services, encrypted instant messaging, VoIP and video calling, document sharing, and many more features to benefit from.

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