5 Ideas To Generate More UGC During Hybrid Events

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No matter what type of Events, user-generated content is doing the rounds. And why not, since user-generated content has brought brilliant benefits to events marketers? Social proof, enhanced audience engagement, and authenticity are some of them. Moreover, the more an events produces user-generated content, the better it is for a hybrid events objectives. So, how do you generate more user-generated content ideas? Keep on reading!

Ideas To Generate More UGC During Hybrid Event

1. Finalize A Relatable Hashtag

Hashtags are everywhere. They are your greatest option for using social media to promote your events. But to get an astounding response, come up with a hashtag that is original, memorable, and relatable.

Your virtual and in-person guests can use the same hashtag to share information on their social media accounts, which can then be shown on the event’s screen. This can be a really effective technique to bridge the communication gap between the two audiences and pave the way for an even more involved events.

Alternatively, you might choose separate hashtags for each of your audiences. Then, the hashtag produced for the virtual events participants can be used to produce content.

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2. Showcase Events Teasers

We know that teasers build anticipation and provide a sneak peek at what is to come. Post teasers to social media sites to give your audience a taste of the event they might anticipate attending Hybrid Events.

To capture the audience’s interest and boost ticket sales, showcase your special guest, the lineup of speakers and performers, and other important details.

Take movie trailers as an example; they pique viewers’ interest and persuade them to want to share their excitement with their loved ones, which leads to a packed house. Likewise, uploading event teasers will encourage a similar response for your event.

3. Display A Social Wall

The best social wall can help you to connect with your live and online audience by aggregate information from several social media sites.

Utilize social media’s influence before, after, and during your event by creating a social media wall. For instance, you can show a social wall during registration or on your website before the event, on the event’s digital screens while it’s happening, and on your website, once it’s over.

The biggest advantages of employing social media walls for hybrid event are that they raise attendance, offer your event global visibility, increase ticket sales for your subsequent event, and increase money from sponsored posts on your wall.

4. Collaborate With Social Media Influencers

As part of their hybrid event promotion plan, 28.1 percent of marketers favored leveraging influencer marketing, according to data from Launchmetrics.

It is simple for folks to miss your event amidst all the others that are going on. Influencers are helpful in this situation since they could generate excitement about your business before the event. But it’s crucial to find and work with influencers who serve your niche if you want your collaboration to be successful.

Here, micro-influencers deserve special attention because their followers view them with increased legitimacy. Collaborating with them can raise engagement levels and increase ticket sales.

5. Promote Through Instagram Stories

What about social media event promotion is the best? People are curious about what occurs behind closed doors. It piques the interest of potential attendees and keeps them anticipating the event.

Post images from backstage of your Hybrid Event location, speakers, sponsors, and other arrangements. Additionally, you can use the countdown sticker on Instagram Stories to alert viewers when the timer expires by letting them subscribe to receive notifications.

This is an excellent strategy to increase conversions or to remind folks to sign up early.

6. Organize A Post-Event Survey

It’s crucial to find out what people thought of the event if you want to improve your performance going forward. Here, taking into account the presenters’, organizers’, and volunteers’ experience is equally crucial.

To get a massive response from virtual and actual event participants, be inventive with the online survey’s format. As an alternative, you can use Instagram’s polling feature, a simple method to get responses from people.

Utilizing Taggbox Widget, repurpose customer feedback as a post-event promotion tactic on social media and other marketing touchpoints. Your goal should be to improve attendees’ experiences so that you may attract more people to your next event and enhance your brand’s perception among attendees.

Wrapping Up!

Hybrid event are quite popular because they offer an immersive experience not limited by geography. But a strong social media strategy is crucial for them to be effective.

To boost ticket sales for your events, create a feeling of community, and interact with your international attendees, advertise them on social media channels.

It’s time to use these strategies to make the most of social media’s influence on your upcoming hybrid event.

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